When we Choose to be Present, We Choose to Receive Love

I know now.

I now know that each beautiful breeze that flows across my cheeks and blows through my hair, is the universe saying I love you and I am here holding you.

I know now that each call of a bird tweeting its morning tune, is the universe saying I love you and I hear you.

I know know that each magnificent sunrise is the universe saying, I love you and I see you; all of you; both the light and the dark.

All day, every day God/the universe/spirit is speaking to me words of comfort and love.

All the time.

​ What if all of it; was just God saying I love you?

The cool, soft grass beneath my feet and when I sprint to catch my children in the park.

The leaves rustling in a large maple tree as I lay beneath reading a book.

The sand beneath my feet at the beach as the salty waves pour through my toes, rushing cool water past my ankles.

The sun as it shines in a window in a cold day, warming me to a peaceful nap.

The silently falling snow, coating the world in anew in white.

What if all of it; was just God saying I love you?

Your breath as it gently soothes your soul laying on the beach face up; the sun warming you until you don't know where it ends and you begin.

The contagious giggle of a child who has found a new word he doesn't understand, yet loves repeating.

The look of understanding from a friend who sees your heart hurting, and doesn't need say anything to let you know they see you and believe in you.

The scream of excitement when your child ties their shoes for the first time all by themselves.

All of it; is the universe saying I love you.

All you have to do in order to receive this love is to be present in the moment. If you are present, you will feel the caress of God's comforting touch, the sounds of the voice of the universe in the birds and a look of love in a sunset.

Choose to be present. Choose to receive love.

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