Pain is a teacher and through it, I learn more than I ever could with my brain or thoughts and I find it teaches me precise lesson I need to learn to get to where I want to be. A bullseye lesson through emotion; whereas my brain may search for a specific pebble on a beach, endlessly.

It is clear to me that pain is present as a teacher and for me, most times it has been a teacher of unexpressed pain from the past. An invitation to let go of something that is holding me back.

I find my voice I hadn't realize I had lost.

I find my heart bursts with gratitude and fills me up in a way I have never experienced.

Then I ask why? Why because there is no learning with out a lesson. We grow because we are challenged.

A voice heard in a room full of noise is more powerful than one heard, alone echoing off the walls.

An apple eaten from a tree grown through droughts and tremendous storms tastes much sweeter than one eaten from a tree that was never tested by life.

So, when the pain of life brings me to my knees, sometimes I stay just long enough to gain my balance so that I may rise and sometimes I stay longer.

Sometimes I fall forward on to my belly, my face smooshed into the earth, my tears forming puddles in the dirt, my hands gripping the grass begging for relief and it is then, that I hear my heart healing with each beat, pulsing inside my chest reminding me I am not alone and that I am human and to be human is to evolve.

And just like the flowers weighted down by heavy rains, I rise to meet the warmth of the sun, plunge my roots even further below me, my petals soaring into the sky with faith and trust that any storms to come are there to teach me exactly what I need to grow.

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